Hyundai Energy Solutions: A Trusted Solar Energy Systems Provider

Hyundai is a trusted consumer brand providing high-quality products across different industries. One of the areas Hyundai specialises in is energy solutions.

Hyundai Solar has been providing solar panels within Australia for more than a decade. For a trusted brand that guarantees results, Audra Energy recommends Hyundai Solar for your solar panels.

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Why use solar panels from Hyundai Solar?

Hyundai Solar is a top name brand for a reason. Numerous benefits come with getting solar panels from Hyundai. Here are some of the reasons why people should use Hyundai solar panels for their properties:

1. Hyundai Solar has one of the longest product warranties for solar energy systems products. It promises 25 years of product warranty in Australia.

2. The solar panels from Hyundai are known for their mechanical strength. It can withstand extreme weather conditions like heavy snow and strong winds.

3. Hyundai’s solar panels all meet the standards of Australia.

What are the main features of Hyundai 390W shingled cell – HiE-S390VG?

Hyundai 390W shingled cell – HiE-S390VG is the Hyundai solar panel Audra Energy recommends the most. Unlike conventional solar modules, this product does not require metallic busbars. This means that there are no gaps between Hyundai’s solar cells, increasing the surface area of the silicon cells in the module.

Is Hyundai 390W shingled cell – HiE-S390VG the right solar panel for you?

To know if Hyundai 390W shingled cell – HiE-S390VG is the best solar panel for your New South Wales property, reach out to professionals like Audra Energy. We can help you decide if this solar panel is the right one for the type of property you have. Contact us at or on 1300 104 914 if you have any questions about this product.