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JinkoSolar: Providing Solar Panels You Can Trust

JinkoSolar is one of the world’s largest solar module manufacturers. This brand distributes solar products to residential and industrial clients alike. In Australia, JinkoSolar has dedicated warehouse facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.

Like Audra Energy, JinkoSolar understands the value of local service in Australia. It has local full-service teams ready to address enquiries regarding its products. It also boasts of finishing the manufacturing process in-house from start to finish.

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Why use JinkoSolar solar panels?

There are many reasons why Audra Energy continues to recommend JinkoSolar to its clients. Here are some of the top things people must know about JinkoSolar:

Introducing the Jinko 370W Cheetah Half-Cell PERC

One of Audra Energy’s top solar panels pick is the Jinko 370W Cheetah Half-Cell PERC. This solar panel uses new technology to make its modules more efficient. It is also PID-resistant, which means that it guarantees limited power degradation. Additionally, this solar panel is resilient against severe and extreme weather conditions.

Find out if the Jinko 370W Cheetah Half-Cell PERC is the solar panel for you.

If you are looking for dependable solar panels in Australia, one of the best brands Audra Energy will recommend is JinkoSolar. To see if Jinko’s featured product is the perfect fit for your property, you may contact us at admin@audraenergy.com.au or on 1300 104 914.