SolarEdge Technologies: Providing Powerful Solar Panels, Inverters, Optimisers in New South Wales

SolarEdge is a solar energy systems company that offers a variety of products related to solar technology. Among its top products is its SolarEdge smart panels. When combined with SolarEdge’s inverters, this technology allows property owners to have faster and easier photovoltaic installations.

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Why use SolarEdge’s smart solar panels?

The split cell technology and integrated power optimiser of these smart panels increase the performance output of the solar panels.

It has an extended warranty period.

The product design mitigates all types of panel power losses. The automatic voltage shutdown protects the property from damages in case accidents happen.

It can be easily upgraded.

Is SolarEdge smart module 370W Mono PERC with P375 optimiser a good solar panel?

Audra Energy recommends this solar panel to its clients in New South Wales. This product has built-in optimisers. It can also be directly connected to SolarEdge’s range of inverters. This solar panel has 12 years of panel warranty and 25 years of performance warranty. It also boasts of increased performance due to the pre-assembled power optimisers for each panel. 

Smart Inverter Solutions from SolarEdge

SolarEdge invented intelligent inverter solutions that changed the way solar energy systems harvest and manage power. This brand provides products that maximise power and lower the cost of energy over time. This company provides safe and high-performing inverters, making it one of the most trusted brands in Australia.

What types of SolarEdge inverters does Audra Energy recommend?

Audra Energy offers two main inverters: the SolarEdge 3Ø 5kW hybrid inverter and the SolarEdge Genesis 1Ø 5kW inverter. Here are some of the most important features of each product:

SolarEdge 3Ø 5kW Hybrid Inverter

This is one of the most used inverters in residential properties. It not only converts energy but also stores the converted current for future use. This has a 12-year warranty (extendable for 20 or 25 years) and promises superior efficiency. This also comes with a Wi-Fi monitoring system so that property owners can see the performance of their solar panels straight from their smartphones.

SolarEdge Genesis 1Ø 5kW inverter

This is also one of the most installed residential inverters in the world. This inverter combines the advantages of using traditional SolarEdge products with long term warranties. This is also safe to use, convenient, and easy to install. This type of inverter comes with a mobile monitoring system, allowing property owners to easily track their system production and consumption.

SolarEdge: Providing Power Optimisers to Increase Efficiency

SolarEdge offers power optimisers to those who want a system upgrade. For maximum energy efficiency, transform traditional PV modules into smart modules with the help of power optimisers! 

How does the SolarEdge power optimiser work?

This product increases energy output from PV systems by tracking the maximum power point of each module. It monitors the figures and sends the data to SolarEdge. This allows them to provide a more enhanced and personalised module-level maintenance. 

What SolarEdge power optimiser does Audra Energy recommend?

Audra Energy would like to recommend the SolarEdge P401 power optimiser with 0.16m input. Here are the main highlights of this item:

  • Per-module maximum power point tracking
  • High efficiency level (reaching 99.5% peak efficiency and a 98.8% weighted efficiency)
  • A reliable item with has 25 years of warranty
  • Provides real-time performance measurement for easy monitoring
  • Can be used with any inverter
  • Easy to install

Get SolarEdge for Your Home with Audra Energy

Audra Energy trusts and recommends SolarEdge as one of the top brands providing solar inverters, solar panels and solar optimisers in Australia. To know more about these products, contact Audra Energy at or on 1300 104 914.