Solis: Providing Solar Inverters You Can Trust

Solis is a reliable brand that has been providing solar inverters to Australia for a decade. The goal of Solis is to offer the most technologically advanced string inverters to the market.

This company manufactures inverters in-house. This allows them to improve and monitor the quality of their inverters continuously. It also provides reliable energy efficiency data, and it is backed by 5-10 years of warranty.

For a functional inverter with a contemporary finish, consider Solis as your next solar inverter brand.

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What types of Solis inverters does Audra Energy recommend?

Audra Energy handpicked two main Solis inverters: the Solis-3P(5-20)K-4G and the Solis-1P(7-8)kW-5G. Here are some of the most important features of each Solis inverter:


This type of inverter is used in residential areas and small industrial/commercial power stations. This inverter is small but efficient (max efficiency: 98.7%).

This inverter fully complies with AS/NZS 4777.2:2020 and the NSW grid requirements. It has a monitor for energy consumption and production and an integrated export power manager.


This type of solar inverter also works well in residential areas and small industrial/commercial power stations. This single-phase inverter has a maximum efficiency of 98.1%. It meets the AS 5044 standards and complies with the NSW grid requirements as well.

It is lightweight and highly adaptable to the grid. In addition, property owners can monitor the energy production and consumption in this inverter using its own monitoring system.

Find your solar inverter at Audra Energy

Audra Energy offers inverter products from Solis— one of the longest solar inverter providers in Australia. To find out more about each product, you may contact us at or on 1300 104 914.