Trina Solar

Trina Solar: Reliable Solar Panels for your Property

Trina Solar is one of the leading providers of photovoltaic modules and smart energy solutions globally. This brand continues to push the industry by creating greater grid parity of photovoltaic power. The goal of Trina Solar is to boost and popularise renewable energy globally.

With decades of experience in the industry, Trina Solar offers reliable solar panels to countries all around the world. So far, Trina Solar has broken 21 world records related to module power and solar cell efficiency.

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Why use Trina Solar modules?

Trina Solar commits itself to having a quality-first policy. This means that all solar energy systems modules it offers is reliable and has solid all-around performance. Trina Solar takes complete control of the quality of items in the manufacturing process— from silicon crystallisation to module deployment. Trina Solar products, including solar panels, have 25 years of warranty.

Does Audra Energy recommend any Trina Solar modules?

Yes, Audra Energy recommends the TRINA Honey M Perc Mono 370W Black 35mm MC4 Landscape. This solar panel has up to 380W front power and about 20.7% module efficiency. In addition, it is highly reliable, featuring product resistance to PID, salt, acid and ammonia.

This solar panel has an excellent low light performance and a good anti-shading performance. This is one of the top solar panels available in New South Wales today.

See if the Trina Solar Panel is the best module for your property

Do you want to know if Trina Solar’s modules are the best fit for your property? Contact Audra Energy and find out more details about this solar panel. For enquiries, you may reach out to or on 1300 104 914.