How Solar Works

How does solar energy work?

Electricity prices continue to rise year by year. To address this issue, more people are opting to install solar energy in their homes and businesses. Not only does this lessen electricity costs in the long run, but it also reduces one’s ecological footprint over time.

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How does photovoltaic technology work?

Photovoltaic systems allow property owners to harness the energy from their roofs and use those for their property. Here’s how the system works: 

Photovoltaic modules are installed on the property’s roof. Once sunlight hits the solar cells, the solar energy is converted into electrical energy.

To use the energy from the sunlight, the inverter converts the direct current into an alternating current. This converted current is the one used in regular households. Apart from converting the current, the inverter also takes care of yield optimisation and energy flow control.

The smart meter optimises energy management so that the system can better maximise the consumption of energy.

Surplus energy is temporarily stored using energy storage. This allows property owners to still utilise the energy even without the presence of direct sunlight.

What are the benefits of using solar energy?

Here are some of the reasons why using solar energy is helpful:

It is cost-efficient.

Although the upfront cost of solar energy systems isn’t cheap, it pays off in the long run. People will immediately see the lower cost of electricity upon initial installation. After about ten years, the energy savings will pay off the cost of the solar energy system.

It frees property owners from rising energy costs.

The cost of energy increases every year. With a solar energy system, property owners will be able to use electricity freely without being shackled by rising energy costs.

It uses less ecological footprint.

Using solar energy is better for the environment. It reduces the use of carbon dioxide, helping the world combat climate change bit by bit.

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Consider installing a solar energy system on your property.

You’ll be able to increase your savings in the long run with the help of solar energy systems. Let Audra Energy help you get started. Contact us at or on 1300 104 914.