Get the best solar inverters in New South Wales

A solar inverter is one of the most crucial parts of a solar energy system. It is also considered as the “brains” of the system. 

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Why are solar inverters important in a solar energy system?

Property owners cannot immediately use the energy directly harnessed from the sunlight. The system should first convert the direct current to a version suitable for home appliances to make this energy usable.

Solar inverters are in charge of converting the variable direct current of a photovoltaic solar panel into a 240V current. This type of electric current is fed to the home or the use of appliances and other household electric systems.

What type of solar inverter should you use?

Here are some of the most known solar inverter types in Australia:

String or Central Inverters – This is the most common type of solar inverter. This is also the least expensive option for solar inverters. This type of inverter connects a string of solar panels into one inverter and converts the direct output into the alternate current.

Power Optimisers – This type of inverter works in conjunction with string inverters. It decreases the shading impact on individual panels to maximise the output of the system.

Microinverters – This type of inverter immediately converts the energy into a usable current directly from the back of each panel. This type of panel is easier to expand compared to other types.

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Know the best solar inverter for your property.

To know more about solar inverters, you can reach out to Audra Energy directly. We can give you a more in-depth idea of the types of inverters and help you decide which one works best for your property. Contact us at or on 1300 104 914.