Power optimisers in solar energy systems

In solar energy systems, solar panels oversee the collection of energy. After which, inverters will take care of converting it into usable energy. These two are arguably the most important parts of a solar energy system. Yet, people should not discount the importance of power optimisers.

solaredge power optimiser

What are power optimisers?

Power optimisers are in charge of making sure that the solar energy system makes the most out of its photovoltaic array. Power optimisers also allow property owners to monitor the individual performance of each module in the system. This item helps manage the module mismatch-loss caused by partial shading, manufacturing tolerance, and degradation.

What are the key benefits of using power optimisers?

Here are some of the reasons why using power optimisers in solar energy systems is necessary:

  • It increases the efficiency of the whole system.
  • It can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • It provides real-time performance monitoring.
  • It is easy to mount and install.

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Install a Power Optimiser in your solar energy systems with Audra Energy

Audra Energy believes that installing the best power optimiser is key to making your solar energy systems more efficient. So, let us help you find the best power optimiser for your property. Reach out to us at admin@audraenergy.com.au or on 1300 104 914 to know more.