Residential Solar

Residential Solar Energy Systems in New South Wales

Audra Energy is a local and homegrown solar energy systems provider in New South Wales. We aim to provide reliable and effective solar energy systems to the residential areas in our community. From the products we carry to the workmanship we offer, residential clients will surely get their money’s worth with Audra Energy.

What are the inclusions in Audra Energy’s solar energy systems packages?

Audra Energy offers a complete service package to clients in New South Wales. Here are the service inclusions available in all our solar energy systems packages:

Product sourcing and recommendation

Audra Energy will recommend items from its list of trusted brands and products. After providing a thorough review and recommendation, Audra Energy will let the client decide which package to use.

Solar systems installation

After choosing the client’s desired package, Audra Energy will plan and carry out the installation process.

Ongoing direct support

Audra Energy’s service does not stop after the installation. If the client has any questions or issues about the system, we will address these concerns immediately.

Switchboard safety check

Dealing with energy systems can be dangerous if left unchecked. Proper maintenance is necessary to ensure that the system is in good working condition.

Energy efficiency recommendations

If our client has enquiries regarding energy efficiency, Audra Energy can provide recommendations to help maximise the energy yield.

Workmanship and product warranty

Audra Energy guarantees 12 years of workmanship warranty and 25 years of product warranty. This ensures that the system will be in good working order even after decades of use.

Let Audra Energy help you install your solar energy systems.

Audra Energy uses trusted solar energy brands like LG, Jinko Solar, Enphase, Solis, Solar Edge, and Fronius. Let us help you find the best solar energy system for your residential property.

Are you working on a limited budget? We got you! Together with our partner, Humm, we can offer our products and services on a Buy Now, Pay Later scheme.
Enjoy independent and cost-efficient energy utilisation with the help of Audra Energy. Contact us at or on 1300 104 914.